UTM Tracking Codes in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn how to set up “UTM Tracking Codes in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

ClickFunnels Education Team and on this video I’m going to talk About UTM tracking codes After completing this video you’ll be Able to answer the following questions First How can it help to have UTM codes used With your url Second how do you add UTM codes to your Urls Third Where can you find resources for UTM Support What you’ll need for this lesson are the Following first an active clickfunnels 2.0 account Second a domain verified with your click Funnels account And lastly an account with Google Analytics Adobe analytics or a Comparable urchin module source and a Tracker So let’s get to it So how can you tell the steps that a Visitor to your funnel has taken to view Your funnel Using UTM or urchin tracking module As part of a URL you can track the Pedigree of your contacts This will allow you to tell which of Your ads or referring sites is helping You to grow your audience

It can also help you tell what link Referred your new visitors Helping you focus on most effective Tools To set up a UTM tracking code in your Url click sites and funnels from the Main menu Then select URL redirects on the submenu From here you can create a new URL Redirect where you can add your UTM code Or Edit one of your existing URL redirects For training purposes we’re going to Click the gear icon across the last URL Redirect in this video On the right of the URL redirect Fields Is the section for the UTM tracking You’ll need to find this code sourced From your UTM manager such as Google or Adobe Analytics The fields are as follows first the UTM Source The UTM Source type code identifies Which site sent traffic Second is the UTM medium The UTM medium type code identifies the Type of Link used such as form and email Or a cost per click link Third is a UTM campaign a UTM campaign Type code identifies the campaign or a Specific Product Promotion or strategic Campaign that brought the visitor Fourth is a UTM term A UTM term type code identifies the

Search terms that led to the visitor Coming to your page from a search engine And lastly UTM content is a type code That identifies the specific link type That brought the visitor to the page This could include a text link a banner Ad or a similar type of Link Once you’ve fill the relevant Fields With a code from your UTM Source click On the black button marked create URL Redirect There is a create URL reader Rec button On this page top right and bottom right Your next steps from here should be to Set up your UTM program Use the code from your UTM source to set Up a UTM tracking in your domain You can also monitor your UTM program Following instructions in your UTM Provider monitor link traffic to your Site Here are some takeaways from this Lessons First UTM tracking allows you to create URLs that track the source of visitors To your funnel Setting up etm tracking is optional but Can help you to focus your advertising And promotions Second you can use the URL redirect Tools and click funnels to set up a UTM Program for your domain and lastly main Sources for UTM tracking includes Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics

You need a third-party analytics program To use UTM code Thank you so much for watching this Video if you have any other questions Related to this lesson please feel free To reach out to our awesome customer Support team have a great day ahead.

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