Step by Step Guide to Creating a Daily Deal Funnel in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] Hi I'm Drew with clickfunnels education Welcome to click guides your guide to Using the funnel hackers cookbook with Clickfunnels 2.0 The funnel hackers cookbook is a guide To using several common funnel templates To accomplish goals of gaining new Contacts and selling products Working with the recipes in your Clickfunnels account the funnel hackers Cookbook gets you from learning the Tools to achieving your goals You can get a free copy of the funnel Hackers cookbook at In this video we're going to discuss the Daily deal funnel The daily deal funnel helps to build Your brand and audience quickly by Offering rotating or Evergreen deals on Low ticket items interested buyers Submit their contact information with Purchase and your order confirmation Page May link to other products Available from your business Rotating the product on sale can keep Bringing back customers allowing you to Keep them engaged and up to date on what Your business is offering Starting off in your click funnels Account go to the site and funnels Portion of your account then select the

Funnels tab Now you can use the recipes button to Find pre-made funnel templates you can Use the seller product filter to narrow Down the type of funnel that you wish to Build and then choose the daily deal Funnel As you can see the daily deal funnel has Two main pages in it an orders page and A thank you or order confirmation page Give your new funnel a descriptive name That you'll remember when you're looking For it and then click create funnel You'll Now find yourself on the funnel Workflow for your new daily deal funnel Click on the order page to edit it You'll be prompted to select a template From the order template pages Although you can also create a new page From scratch by selecting the new page Button in this case we're going to Choose a pre-existing template Creating this page from a template we Can now choose a page name But you'll remember and that you think Your audience might like A new page URL will auto-generate Although you can change it if you'd like And you can fill in the description if You wish to You can also set up the SEO settings to Help your search engines better crawl Find and navigate people to your page as This is the first page in your funnel

It's a good idea to let these indexed in Search engines when you're satisfied With your changes click create page Now that a template is selected you can Go to the page itself and edit the Content do this by mousing over the item In the workflow and clicking edit You can edit the page to change the Elements Rows Or sections of the page or adjusting the Content any of the above As a template it will contain lorem Ipsum or placeholder text And it will need to be edited in order To contain your sales copy Your goal in this step is to make your Product seem appealing and to convey That this deal may only be around for a Short while giving time pressure to Encourage visitors to buy now You may also wish to convey to the Customer that new deals will be Available in this piece to keep them Coming back An order page needs to at least have a Checkout element and a created product In order to work we will discuss how to Add a product to a page in another video Once the order is submitted the element Will advance the page automatically to The next step in the funnel in this case This would be the order wall page or an Upsell page if you choose to include one

Once you're satisfied with the changes That you have made to the order page Don't forget to click save to save your Changes Okay Then go back to the workflow by clicking The back button We'll now repeat the process with the Thank you page the thank you page thanks The customer for their purchase and lets Them know what their next steps will be These can include product delivery or Email follow-up You can also include links to other Products or sales funnels that you offer We will now set up a template as we did Before Foreign Page [Music] And then move to edit to the page copy Once you have your funnel basically set Up you're set and ready to collect leads And forward traffic to the secondary Funnel You can edit your funnel Pages using the Page editor at any time if you want to Tweak your copy or other content You can follow up by creating follow-up Email marketing or make new use of the New contents generated by the order page For more information on email marketing Check out our video on sending emails Via workflow

That's all for now check out other Videos in the click Guide Series for More funnel hacker cookbook recipes

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