URLs Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn more about URLs Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0.

ClickFunnels Education team and on this Video I’m going to talk about urls After completing this video you’ll be Able to answer the following questions First what is the purpose of URLs on Your clickfunnels account Second where is the URLs page on your Clickfunnels account And third where the new functionalities On the new URLs page What you’ll need for this lesson are the Following first an active clickfunnels 2.0 account and second an active course Blog page or funnel URLs are the unique path for your Website The URLs of your site helps you and your Customers do the following First directly reach the pages of your Website Second Use the URLs to direct or Redirect traffic from into your site And third identify the page and Customize the URL Let’s now discover how we can get to the New URLs page On your clickfunnels 2.0 account Click cite and funnels on the main menu Then select URLs on the submenu which is Going to forward you to the URLs page On top of the page are different tabs That change the displayed URLs on your

End The all tab displays all of your URLs in Your clickfunnels account The blog tab displays all of the URLs of All of your blogs The courses tab displays all of the URLs Of your courses The pages tab displays all the URLs of Your pages And the same with funnels that displays All of the URLs of your funnels Now remember You may or may not see any URLs on your End if you haven’t created any blog Courses Pages or funnels on your account Use the search field to look for Specific URLs in your url listings Across the search field is a sort button That allows you to change or sort out The URLs on your page You can sort it out by AZ by type The date the URL was added And the date when the URL was updated Under the sort button is a modify column Button This allows you to change the columns That you see on your URLs page You can include a column when the URL Was added And another column when the URL was Updated Uncheck each column to Modify the displayed URLs and your URLs Page

To edit your existing URLs you can click The gear icon across each urls That the system will automatically open A pop-up that allows you to edit the Path of each URL After editing the path you can click the Update URL button to save your changes Or the discard button to cancel any Changes that you’ve made That’s it for the new URLs page What you can do from here is visit the URLs page You can also test editing one of your Urls Try the sort button and the column Display button to see how the changes Can be changed on your end Or you can also visit our new Health Page by clicking on the search bar on Top of your page And then click check out clickfunnels 2.0 help docs and training Thank you so much for watching this Video If you have any questions please feel Free to reach out to our awesome Customer support team have a great day Ahead.

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