The sales secret for rejection

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When people are trying to sell stuff People start from the outside so it's so Easy to say I don't have time it's the Easiest thing it's out of time everyone Show them how that's a fallacy it's a Distortion of reality you peel that back You get one layer closure that my wife Won't let me and you peel that out Because five years from now if you Didn't do the things that you wanted to Do with your life because she wouldn't Let you do it you're gonna buy it part Is that fair so I think what you're Doing is you're asking permission Instead of supports play this out right It's not going to go the way you think It's going to go because if you keep Repeating this habit you're going to end Up five years from now you're going to Look at your life the same way you're Looking at now and hating finally you're The person who's squirming there force Them to confront reality which is now They don't want to make the decision Right because they're like I'm just Going to avoid it I'm not sure Etc et Cetera and you're like hold on finally When they're in the avoidance part the Biggest fear they have is making a Mistake they don't want to be seen as Stupid it's making them understand you Don't need time to make a decision you Need information if the only source of The information you have is me let's

Talk what are the variables you can use To make the decision

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