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How to start and scale a funnel agent From zero to ten thousand per month That’s what we’re covering in this video If you’re new here make sure you Subscribe all that good stuff now this Is a paper performance funnel agency System that i haven’t covered ever on This channel before and why is that well It’s because i didn’t do this when i got Started and i hope that someone would Have showed me this strategy because it Would have helped me a lot get my first Client when i had zero experience you See but some of the biggest struggles That people have when they’re getting Started is that they don’t have a Portfolio they don’t have results they Don’t have a reputation they don’t have A personal brand and so they feel like Men who would pay me to build funnels For them When i’m just getting started and that’s Where this paper performance model comes In with that said before we dive in i Want to make sure that i show you first Kind of different pieces that you need To have in place so first i have my Simple portfolio it’s a banner of a logo A simple support email and it’s me and My elevator pitch so this is we work With course creators this is what we Help you do we automate your course Sales with funnels and it’s 100 done for You start to finish call to action

Message me for pricing right Then it’s how it works so step one we’re Gonna plan your funnel we’re gonna craft The offer the design we’re gonna launch It with split testing step three which Is scaling your business impact more People And sort of the benefits of working with Us and what’s happening next then i got Some more recent projects to kind of Show i know what i’m talking about or You know some of the funnels that are Built or the theme the style that i kind Of how i like to build funnels if you Will So when you have this in place the next Step is obviously and this is very Important before we go into paper Performance and how it all comes Together is the profile funnel so i just Use a simple profile on facebook i have 5000 friends which you can get for free Just go into the right groups and add Those people don’t go in there and spam People because you’ll get kicked out and Nobody will buy from you but you look at My content you see a mix of personal Content And also business and funnel content for Example here was where where i started The funnel agent challenge and showing You how i got four clients in in 10 days Made 10k And that’s uh 2500 per client and i was

Posting funnels that i was building Right in between there you’ll see Sometimes i have content that’s more Video content it’s educational you can Also do this with Written or images on facebook but Basically educating people about why They need funnels all the good stuff so Once you have your portfolio you start Publishing on your facebook or your Linkedin wherever you’re the strongest You can do this if you have a following On linkedin but if you’re just getting Started you go to facebook because There’s a lot of people who understand Funnels and they want to already buy From you because they’re already paying For funnels the software the people to Maybe run the ads do the logo design and Maybe even the email marketing and Copywriting and they just need you to Build the funnel whether it’s design or Design plus copy so anyways that’s where This comes in so i have a profile that Is you know pretty simple we got the Profile image we got the banner image With call to action to my portfolio then We got the bio here and then we got Different content that you can post to Attract people to go here and click this So once they click it and you can see What i had before this i built funnels For seven and eight figure category Kings ecosystem funnels offers upsells

And back-ends and then we have the Portfolio right there where people could Click through and go check them out i Also had a question from some of the Core students in full-time funnel Designer asking how to create that Content so on one q a call i came up With 12 different social media posts so I’ll just do like a quick run through And then we’ll go to the paper Performance model and explain what that Means but let’s say you work with course Creators and you’re thinking about okay What are the titles the headlines for my Social media posts like i’m stuck i Don’t even know where to get started so I’ll show you 12 different ones again Came up with these just like that so how To sell more courses without being Involved right and i talk about funnels And i can even show an image of a funnel You need pr to sell more courses so like Do you have to pay for pr or even you Know fake articles sometimes to sell More courses to try to fake it till you Make it no you don’t have to why because People buy from people they uh love and They fall in the connect with and then High ticket versus low ticket courses Which one is for you and then by Creating this piece of content i reach Course creators and then they’ll see my Profile that’s all about funnels for Course creators they see my portfolio

There’s a link to a portfolio they see This for them they can reach out in us For my prices so how to choose the best Course funnel for your niche pretty Simple you can change this to whatever Niche you’re in if it’s sas or if it’s Events or if it’s coaches how to choose The best funnel for your software Right you can switch it out why your Course funnel isn’t converting as it Should i just posted i think it’s the Previous video on my channel where i Talked about the five deadly conversion Sims for your funnels and so i could Make it three-step sort of post about Why your funnel isn’t converting the Copy isn’t clear you got you know no Design hierarchy the white space is all Over the place the contrast there’s no Contrast the readability you can’t read The text because anyway like all that And then some of the signs since the Hurting your course sales page Conversions course graders stop Launching start automating the power of An automated course funnel and then i Can talk about i can even talk about how Coaches are burning out from one-to-one Coaching and how they can launch a Course and now they need the funnel to Sell it why course creators get stuck in The launch process and what they should Be doing instead my course funnel Billing process start to finish so

People see this person knows what They’re talking about because they know The process they’ve done it multiple Times which means that if i reach out to Them they can help me automate my course Funnel three best ways to get traffic to Your course funnel increase your course Sales with this email follow-up sequence The hybrid course funnel formula what You must have in place and then we put All that together to a daily checklist So this again was a member of our Coaching program reach out and he’s like I’m stuck what should i do and i created This sort of like a daily non-negotiable Checklist you create content build Funnels grow your audience engage with Your target audience start conversations With people follow up close collect Payments and then you build funnels you Create content you grow your audience And you just repeat and remove Distractions with all that being said Now let’s get to the pay performance Model i had a friend who wants to get Into funnel building and he said listen What’s the best way for me to get funnel Clients if i don’t have any clients Whatsoever should i just build funnels For free and i thought to myself that’s What i You know i’ve been preaching like you Should build the first one for free to Get a testimonial you can leverage it

And you can also upsell the next funnel To that existing clients it’s a win-win But then i said Wait a minute what if you did this Instead let’s say instead of charging 2000 for a funnel funnel copy Tech integrations you set it up Everything for them two thousand dollars That’s you know if they sell courses at 700 it’s three funnels it’s paid for What if you instead you said hey listen I would love to work with you usually i Charge 2000 but Because if this is our first time Working together i’ll do basically a Zero Profit project with you where i’m not Gonna charge you any profits up front It’s just covering my hard cost which is My time and that’s you know 500 bucks And then if you like it and if it’s Converting you pay me the rest basically You i take all the risk on me And you just pay 500 bucks that’s hard Cost and i’ve seen you know people do This in every other business out there But i’ve never thought about doing it Exactly this way In my final using and by the way he’s Built a couple of funnels in his Portfolio so he knows how to build Funnels now we thought we call these Concept funnels when you get in there You know how to build funnels because

You build a couple of fake funnels it’s Not a real client but you add them to Your portfolio because you built them And you design them and you now Understand the tech the software and you Know you don’t have to feel like man i Have no idea what i’m talking about with This client coming to you you’re Actually doing them a service as well Because you shouldn’t charge you know Thousands of dollars if you don’t have Any experience you should start low That’s what i always said start free Then 500 then 500 then a thousand then a Thousand then 1500 and you you know you Increase the price slowly as your demand Gets bigger more people want to hire you And your expertise also gets more you Know advanced and so Again just to recap you have your Portfolio you have your profile you know How to create and produce content and Then when people reach out to you and You can even make a promo post saying Like hey who wants a free course funnel Built 100 done for you in just seven Days right and you can call out your Audience your target client so course Creators how would you like me to build Your entire funnel at zero cost up front Well not zero cost you would basically Say without risk and then you say listen Uh usually i charge two thousand i would Love to pick two people or three people

Or maybe just one at first then you say I’m gonna build your entire funnel hands Off for you you don’t have to do Anything just fill out a form so answer A couple questions so i have the logo That you know i know a little bit about You your your offers and i’ll build it Out all for you at card cost no profits It’s just 500 bucks for my time and then If you like it when you do because i’m You know i’m confident you’ll love it is When you can choose to pay me the rest The 1500 if you don’t love it for Whatever reason you don’t have to pay me So can you see how this is completely Flipping the risk on you but you’re also Getting paid at least 500 bucks so you Cover the software you cover you know a Little bit of your time so when i say Zero cost or just hard cost it’s Basically this clickfunnels account and Then maybe you need one more software Like 10 bucks a month or whatever so It’s like that 100 go to the software And then The 400 is for your time to build this But no profit it’s not like you’re gonna Make you know you’re not gonna get rich From this client so they’re also not Risking a lot of money but because They’re spending 500 instead of zero They have you know some some investment In this project as well so that means They’re gonna also help you with the

Images to copy all the good stuff if you Wanna learn more how to do this we do This every single day in full-time fun Design we have over 400 people now Building funnels getting clients Building businesses building freedom if You want to be there i would love to Have you click the link in description Let’s get this discount code in there as Well i’ll see you next video

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