This message from my friend Tony Robbins changed everything for me…

You have to consciously consistently put Yourself in places where people are Playing the game bigger than you and put Your ego on the Shelf because you won't Grow otherwise so all you have to decide Is where do I want to go and who do I Want to do it with because I heard Tony Talk about that I started thinking about When we first launched click funnels That was a principle we used for so long I knew I wanted to go and we had people Around us doing proximity it helped us To grow to a certain point what was Interesting I hadn't noticed is over the Last seven years of building click Funnels that we got to kind of the top Of our industry and we were stuck and I Just kind of forgot about that and I was Kind of in this weird Silo where I was By myself and I feel like that's the Main reason why we weren't able to get To the next tier yet and so as Tony was Talking I started thinking like who can I get in proximity not who the people I've known in the past that got me here But who like where's the next tier What's the next level what are the People who've already done what I'm Trying to get to I don't even proximate With those people in a post-pandemic World or even separated so much it Really comes back to you trying to Figure out like where's it you want to Go what's the vision like where do you

Want to be and realizing that there are People along the way who've already Gotten there who's already done what you Want to do who's already been there Who's the guide who can take you by the Hand shortcut in your timeline in weeks Or months or years you can find those People and get proximity with them not Only will it change your life but it's Going to shortcut your success Dramatically

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