Work From Home in 2022 // 3 Best Online Businesses to Start Now

Welcome back guys to another video i Want to talk about the three ways that i Would recommend that you add another Income stream or you can start a new one So you can start a new business if you Have a job or if you have a business Things that you can consider moving into 2022 that i think are gonna be super Profitable if you do it right and so Number one is crypto and if you look at The landscape obviously you’re seeing More decentralized markets happening You’re seeing the rise of nfts crypto Even facebook changed their name to meta So you know that’s a growing industry Whether that’s crypto gaming you might Not be a developer so you might want to Invest in that instead and get into The lower alt coins and the crypto coins In that market but you also might want To instead of doing that part you might Want to get more into nfts that we will Be a part of the crypto gaming space for Example and what i’m seeing is people Who don’t have any experience it’s Probably better to just invest in what You know is going to work or what you Think is going to work this is obviously Not financial advice but that’s one way To get into This ever rising trend of Decentralization My strategy well i don’t want to talk Too much in detail but i bet on people.

You know look at the marketplace i say Okay who do i trust who do i want to Invest in not just what not just you Know squid coin or whatever it was Called that crashed dollars And now the mark oh Oh It went to zero Yeah So this one that i’m bullish on is like The crypto marketplace looking into Projects where i believe there’s a long Term utility i suggest you start looking Into these things because this is a very Growing industry because it’s a changing And ever-evolving World that we live in and so that’s the First one that i would recommend that You look into if you want to like i said Add another income stream or just maybe Start a completely new one second is What i would call Virtual equipment or virtual tech or Virtual basically at home gear tech Innovations Whether you want to start something Yourself create something from scratch Or invest in something or maybe rebrand Or start an e-commerce brand or maybe a Software you look at what happened with The pandemic or the pandemic you you Wanna call it and you see what the wall Has changed and so we’re not going back To

The old Way of doing things a lot of businesses Are operating more from home they’re Operating more online and us online Entrepreneurs we used to do this before It was even a thing and suddenly it Became mainstream and what that does is If i look at my office the studio for an Example i’m like okay these are things i I need that i probably didn’t need in my Previous job one thing for example was The web camera okay another thing is Like the software that i’m using to Record this that’s another thing but Even fitness i remember in the beginning Of the pandemic we started seeing Fitness gear and gadgets and and things Pop up that didn’t exist before and Because it was more convenient to do This from home People bought this because well they Wanted to continue living their lives Basically from their home and so i think The next trend that we’re gonna see in Virtual is gonna be based around Efficiency based on productivity a lot Of productivity this could also include Like i want you to think in terms of Lifestyle so a virtual work from home Lifestyle Might also mean like besides like Computer Headphones like microphone it could also Be

A planner a journal A weekly schedule productivity hack Thing could also be digital products it Could be things that help you work out From home It could be marketing material help you Market your business online like me i’m Selling funnel templates plug and play Launch your business Those are things that are virtual And i can do them from anywhere so i Want you to think in those terms and Write down like what are my passions What are things that i love to do what’s A growing industry where are people Moving how can i combine what i like Doing With A problem or pain in the marketplace so That’s number two and then number three Is obviously something that i’ve tried Both locally and internationally but now More so internationally than local And that is marketing or sales agencies And so what i mean by that is basically Helping businesses with their marketing And sales because that’s always going to Be a thing if you look at local Businesses and you had to buy a business Or start one like a physical one you Would probably look at okay i’m gonna Start this shop i’m gonna set up this Thing here this grill whatever it is Right what if you instead took the other

Number two lesson or topic of this video Which was Virtual and you say i to work virtually I want to have freedom location time Financial so i want to work from home But help these businesses so i’m going To look at their websites i’m going to Look at what they’re doing in their Marketing you know i want to serve them In whatever i think is the best fit for Them okay if it is video editing i’m Gonna do video editing if it is turning Their website into a high converting Funnel i’m gonna offer funnel services If i think that they need more ads more Traffic i’m gonna Do it myself or here’s a great thing That you can also do is You can partner with someone else and You can say look i’m gonna i’m gonna Convert your website into a funnel or I’m gonna take your crappy website and Build you this entire big website if It’s a more corporate client And then i’m gonna do that part but i’m Gonna outsource this other part youtube Ads google ads i’m gonna help you rank On google i’m gonna sell you facebook Ads and drive more traffic to Your site for you how to get started Doing this is talk to these clients so Even if you start for free is getting a Good understanding of like where is it That they’re at right now okay they have

This website they’re getting a couple of Leads people fill out the contact us box And from there there’s a quick phone Call and that’s how they close their Clients okay makes sense so basically What i need then is i can come in i can Make sure your website your site your Current site looks way better we can Make sure that it’s getting more traffic And we can make sure that it converts Because we can create like we can add This Lead magnet that people can download From your site like one of the things That i did here for for a local business A couple of years ago we added a ebook Because this was a huge offer they have Basically they sell high ticket offers Like hundreds of thousands to get these Clients we wanted to have something that Educates people so we could get emails And we could build this list and the Client could call them And in a non-pushy way ask like hey what Are you working on basically tell the Client about their ideas so they could Close them if it’s a good fit but having This understanding of how to communicate With people basically you have the tools You need to find out what they’re Struggling with And from there you can ask yourself What’s the solution to offer to these People

So that they could Get it solved and then i can decide do i Want to do this myself or hire people in The beginning when i started my business I did everything everything myself then I went to You know more a ceo role or so i thought I was a bad leader because i hired People i didn’t know how to communicate With them i didn’t know how to set kpis Create sops systems processes And at the same time i didn’t like being In a manager role i wanted to be in a Creative role and so now what i’ve found Is i can basically create digital assets Like funnel templates and i can be Creative in my space do my thing And leverage it by helping Thousands of people use the one thing That i’ve created and so this youtube Video for example is a digital assets Yes it’s free Because i like making these videos but i Can put this out there and thousands of People can you know learn from this and Free stuff that i put out there like the Free funnel starter kit for example you Can get in the description the course The Funnel template bundle like all the Things that i create i’m able to pair This with with virtual and be like Here’s how i can help people By creating it once but it didn’t start

There it started by me working with Hundreds of clients getting real life Knowledge realizing what i did wrong and What i did good And where i could improve and then just Become really good at the entire process To where now i’m also teaching this and Helping other people do it for Themselves or as a service to other People which i do in full-time funnel Designer you want to check it out the Link in the description to that as well Where i culture work with you closer To help you launch your own funnel Agency services but that’s pretty much It hopefully this was valuable to you And i want you to think in these terms Not you know when most of the society Thinks how can i Get through this week what can i do this Weekend where’s the party at right How can i escape my life what i inject Myself with to get this quick high Instead ask yourself like what is the Life that i wanna have what’s the Lifestyle that i wanna have how do i Create that reality and who’s gonna fund It okay if i’m gonna build a business Get paid from customers or clients how Do i serve them what’s the pain point They have why is it so painful i could Have told you the third way to make Money could have been anything else the Reason i say it’s marketing and sales is

Because That’s where business are going and it’s An essential part of every single Business so all the millions of Businesses out there they’re always Gonna need marketing and sales was a Sales funnel is basically helping people Get to the site Convert a visitor into a lead a lead Into a customer or a high-paying client And that’s why it’s so valuable that’s Where you get paid a lot it would have Been impossible for me to to make Multi-six figures in a job because i Didn’t provide that amount of value so If you want to charge more become more Valuable that’s it i’m rambling i just Did two hours of coaching In a program so anyways that’s it for Today i’ll see you next video peace [Applause]

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