FREE CLICKFUNNELS TEMPLATE [7 MUST HAVE’s To Increase Funnel Conversion]

All right so in this video you’re gonna Get a free funnel template you’re gonna See three different templates that i’ve Built as well as seven different things That you need to keep in mind before you Launch your funnel and how to turn this Template into a funnel that converts for Your offer so let’s dive in and real Quick if you don’t know what click Clickfunnels is here’s what it is in Just five seconds it’s a landing page Builder is different than other page Builders because it allows you to have Upsells and membership sites and email Marketing in the entire process a Process that turns a visitor into Someone who’s interested and then Becomes a client or a customer so here’s The funnels look like we have one funnel Template right here pretty clean Minimalistic we have another one here With different colors and then the third One with different fonts and different Colors and all of these are available in The full-time funnel designer course but You can get one for free today as well So if we take a look at this funnel for Example you can see it has a sales page An order form and a confirmation page if You take a look at this one it has a vsl Application and thank you page and that Is because the first question you have To ask yourself is what is your offer And what is the price point of your

Offer here’s what i mean let’s say that You’re selling something that’s two Thousand three thousand five thousand You wanna have an application so that People apply to work with you then you Can look through and make sure you’re Working with only people who are a good Fit to work with you and then you can Either get on the phone with them or you Can message them and be like hey i think This is a good fit and have that Conversation to enroll them as a client That’s when you would be using the Application funnel and this one and then Even if this is a sales funnel that Explains the offer who you are the salt The problem that you’re solving you’re Still having them apply and not purchase Through an order form which is very Different to this one where you have a Funnel first that sells the thing okay Gets them interested and then once they Want to you know get access to it they Go to an order form and they purchase The product so those are the main two Differences and the main reason for this Is because if it’s higher ticket it’s a Bigger purchase decision and they might Want to talk to you ask some questions And you might want to ask them questions As well before you enroll them versus When it’s low ticket and it’s more Impulsive people tend to make that Purchase decision easier because it’s

Not as much money and also one thing to Keep in mind if you’re sending people to Your page with paid advertising is that It’s a cold audience and so you need to Warm them up a little bit before they Purchase and you can do that with a Little bit of a longer page so you have All the information there and there’s a Specific form that i use which is the 9p Formula 9 piece that you follow for long Form funnels versus a warm audience Where people have been following you for Maybe six months three months a year Maybe you have a youtube channel maybe You have a facebook group and people are More likely to purchase from you even if It’s just an order form and that’s why Some people have a short funnel they Have an order form and they get people To purchase with a beta launch that’s The first thing what’s the offer was the Price of the offer is a high ticket do Application if it’s lower ticket meaning It’s below a thousand maybe even two Thousand sometimes with a webinar then You can go with the order form one so Number two is all about the branding the Feel and so when i build funnels for Clients i start out by asking myself Okay what’s the feel of the theme that I’m looking for and so what’s the color Combination what’s the font what’s the Imagery gonna be like is it gonna be Something that’s very fancy and more

Playful or is it going to be something That’s more premium and minimalistic and Have that a little bit more of a High-end feel to it and also if you’re Like where do i find this inspiration to Build my funnels keep watching because At the end of this i’m going to show you The graphics the icons the images and Everything where you can find Inspiration before you’re turning this Template that you’re getting for free Into a live funnel so with number three We’re going to jump into my computer Because i want to share something with You if we go here for an example to you can see that i’ve typed in Businessman and what i’m doing is i’m Looking at what type of field i want to Have to my photos so the person the hero Of the brand it could be you if you’re a Personal brand but it could also be just A hero shot if you have a non-face Business meaning it could be a software Business or something where you’re not Maybe the main face that sells your Offer you still want to have something That’s like the face of the brand or the Trust person that people can see in the Hero section so why do i show you this Well i show you this because i think It’s very important to highlight the Best version of yourself or give the Type of feel that you’re looking for in Your funnel also via your images because

You can only build your funnel as good As the images that you’re using are and So whether that’s you using stock images Or you getting your personal images Maybe at the office maybe at home Depending on what the offer the brand The niche that you’re in maybe if you’re A fitness person you might want to have Images from the gym so on and so forth And so it’s very important you have a Professional photo shoot before you Start building your funnel number four a Lot of people talk about copy why copy Is so important and why ugly funnels Convert if you just have a good copy and While i agree with some of those points I think it’s very important to combine The bolts you have beautiful branding And the design and then you have copy That aligns with the graphics that you Have so that you have a full you know Comprehensive mix of the two and it’s so Much more than what people just talk About you gotta know your customer Avatar you just gotta research your Customer avatar because the truth is and Trust me from my experience people are Not gonna tell you everything so even if You talk to them you don’t know Everything so that you can write the Copy by just talking to them but if you Ask them these specific questions is Gonna help you to understand okay here’s What they’ve tried in the past here’s

What they really want and here’s what They’re scared of and these things that Really helps you write the copy in a Compelling way so the first thing is What’s the thing that keeps them up at Night because it’s very important that You have an offer that solves the thing That is like so painful that even if you Charge a high ticket price for it it Would still be worth it for them because It’s so important it’s something that They either can’t live without or that Is currently crushing them and is taking Away the joy in their everyday life and They need to fix this as soon as Possible and a good way to explain this To them via copywriting is for example If you give them something you can say So that you can so if i give you a Bottle of water this is for you so that You can hydrate or if i give you a Funnel template it’s here’s a free Funnel template so that you can launch Your offer so that you can run a Business so that you can scale your Business or if it’s fitness you know i’m Going to show you how to lose weight so You so that you can lose more weight so That you can feel better naked so that You can have more energy and and be more Present with your children like those Type of things that people wouldn’t Normally talk about and then once you’ve Established that you go to the second

Part which is what have they tried in The past to solve this problem that Didn’t work out so i’ll give you an Example in an online business for Example there’s a big opportunity in the Funnel agency space but i do know people Who have burnt out from having social Media marketing agencies me included so What can i say to these people is hey i Know you’ve tried having you know an Online business before maybe you’ve Tried social media marketing and maybe You were burnt out from having this Constant pressure of delivering results For them because you were doing Everything and you know it was super Stressful for you because every single Month you had to deliver results or they Fired you and now you were running out Of revenue and you were losing clients And all that and so that’s why i love Funnel agency because you don’t have That sort of pressure you’re building The funnels someone else is doing the Ads the pressure not is not on you and So that’s why it’s more creatively Fulfilling you see how i talk about what They’ve tried in the past how i can Relate to it or how you see other people Who have done the same thing so that They can rate those people and now see The bigger opportunity or the vehicle to Get into the results that you’re Promising them i’ll give you another

Example fitness for an example maybe you Help people lose weight and you say hey I know you’ve tried the strict diet Where you eat nothing i know you’ve Tried working out every single day doing This or that and i can tell you because I’ve been there i was miserable trying That and so if you haven’t been able to Get results yet don’t feel bad just know That there are other ways to get results And then you introduce your way which Could be you know working at home with Just your own body and then eating good 90 of time and doing fasting in the Morning could be your unique way of Doing it right so that’s what you Position your offer from a new angle and Saying hey i know you’ve tried this in The past and it didn’t work it’s totally Cool here’s a new way to do it and back It up with proof testimonials case Studies of people getting results and Then there’s obviously the trust factor The credibility authority like how can You show that you’re credible what are Your results have you gotten results for Other people can you show before and After like what can you show can you use Data statistics to show okay here’s why I’m good at what i do maybe experience And all of that to build yourself up Before you offer a solution so that they Trust the solution because you have Created it for them and then there’s

Obviously other things you can ask Yourself as well we have sales message Over creation here in my uh software That’s coming out called frameworks Coming soon but yeah there’s you know There’s more questions that you can ask Yourself we’re not gonna dive too deep Into that let’s move on to the next one So the fifth thing is speaking of offers What can you do to up the value of your Offer so let’s say you have this big Transformation that you’re giving them You have this big result which is just The transformation the result the one Thing but when it comes to an offer There are ways you can deliver the one Thing meaning if i say that i help you Lose weight there are multiple ways that I can help you do that number one could Be here’s an online course watch the Trainings and just lose weight another Way could be hey i’m gonna come there in Person once per week and i’m going to Work out with you i’m going to hold you Accountable i’m going to give you a Custom workout program a custom Nutrition plan and i’m going to make Sure that every single morning i’m Messaging you making sure that you get Your stuff done that’s another way of Delivering it to make sure they get the Same big transformation so again if we Go into frameworks you can see here There’s questions that we ask when we

Create this offer high converting offer And then we have objections so we fill Out okay i’m not good enough i i i’m Never you know committed enough i Lose track i don’t follow true and then We categorize those beliefs and we Overcome them again i’ll do a separate Video about how to overcome these Objections but it’s a whole new way of Thinking where you say okay the offer is This one thing but then i’m also gonna Offer for example here you can see i’m Gonna offer you a one-on-one call every Week i’m gonna do a calculator to track Your calories or like a journal where You can every single day you can Document how you feel and all of that And then when we meet once a week we can Go through the journal and so there’s Just a lot of ways that you can use These to Up the value of your offer again there’s Different ways to deliver the same Result here i’ll give an example of how I’m doing this to up the value of my Offer so here’s the offer 37 One dollar per funnel and so what i’m Doing is i’m giving that away first okay 37 high converting sales funnels then I’m also thinking about what are some Objections that people have well i don’t Know how to use them so i’m giving Step-by-step video tutorials how to

Launch your funnel then they’re like Okay now i can launch them but they’re Not going to look beautiful so i’m also Giving you a live funnel build out Workshop which is like okay now i can See how he’s building it making it Beautiful setting it all up and i have Pre-made funnel templates so i’m Building this it’s like lego i’m Building this offer by adding everything That they need in order to not have Objections for not purchasing so even a Facebook group with access to me for Questions and then you know discount Money back guarantee so another example Is like visuals mock-ups and showing People like here’s everything you’re Getting so full-time funnel design i’m Showing hey i’m not just giving you Funnel design videos that’s boring i’m Giving you everything you need to build A high converting funnel and an online Business so that’s why i use visuals Like this where it’s like click funnels Hacks visual hierarchy tech made easy Copywriting automation integrations best Software’s content personal brand offer Creation and and it just really Highlights the total value of the course Not just this like hey you’re gonna get Tutorials i can find that on youtube in The course there are things that you Can’t find anywhere online because i’ve Built them from my experience after

Building 300 funnels so hopefully that Makes sense so finally here’s a couple Of questions you can ask yourself how Can i make it easier for them to achieve This result number two how can i make it Faster for them to achieve this result How can you support them better to make Sure that they get this result so not Giving up support accountability that Sort of stuff number four what are some Things that you can do for them like Pre-made stuff where you go and you do These things that is easier for them to Get this result and then this kind of Goes along with copywriting offer and Copy but basically how can you make sure That they believe that this is also Worth it for them financially because There might be Cheaper ways to do this like if you hire Me to build your funnel there are Cheaper people who are going to do it For like 500 so why would you char you Know pay me five times more seven times More ten times more to build your funnel Well maybe because of opportunity cost If you first hire all these people and Then you come to me then you spent both Time then you spent a lot of money then You spent all of this opportunity cost That didn’t get your results and now you Come to me and you still pay me and then Another thing that i’ve seen a lot is Like okay

If people don’t feel like they have the Time to implement to get this assault How can you make it less time demanding To get this result so could it be Something they do at home could it be Something where do you again do Something for them so it’s easier for Them or can you explain why it’s so Worth it to put in the time a little bit In the beginning to then make it not Require as much time in the future and Then finally add real urgency to it an Offer needs urgency as well an Exclusivity because people want to buy Something that’s exclusive where they Feel like man i’m getting you know One-on-one access to this person which Is very exclusive like not a lot of People get that so he’s going to be able Or she’s going to be able to help me Very closely and that’s exactly what i Need i’m happy to pay for it okay so That’s number five all about the offer And upping the value now let’s talk About a couple of different ways you can Get graphics and icons and all that to Actually design this funnel so again We’re gonna take a look at here’s the First funnel Right then we have the next one here And we have the third one here so i’m Going to give one of this these Away for free Basically the first one is icon view

Because you need icons right so you can Get branded icons these ones here uh Under material icons 932 icons for free You can scroll down here and you can Choose if you want to have one color if You want to have gradient colors all That good stuff i also have line icons Which i’ve bought And then i also have omni icons because Those two are great and they give me a Lot of options for my designs now let’s Move on to different graphics and Background images i’m using something Like freepik or png3 where basically you Can type in a keyword like business or Marketing or fitness or whatever and you Can choose okay is this a background Image is this an illustration And you can download this image and add A layer of color to it so you have your Background images or like i said Illustration you can download this you Can you know delete the background from The image If you just want to use for example the Computer here so download jpeg or Download png Or you can also obviously download if You have adobe illustrator and that sort Of stuff next up branding if you want to Have your colors and font you can go to three b’s And i like to go to branding or web Design but we’re gonna go here first i’m

Gonna go okay I really like the color combination of And then i’m gonna find one Like this one for an example I like this gradient and so what you can Do is use a tool like this Right a color picker you can just type In color picker google chrome extension You can hover over this to get the color Code so there’s the color code i’m gonna Use this Or you can use a site like what this is is it’s a color Palette generator that’s gonna give you You know trending pellets you can create Your own ones and this one can give you A nice combination that you can use for Your branding for this case let’s say i Would just choose Something like This for example i can then preview it Or view it here and get the hex codes From all of them right so now you have a Pretty good understanding of everything From upping the value of your offer who You’re talking to the copywriting and You want to have some inspiration to Build your funnel and the actual design Okay so you can go to three different Places you can go to again You go to web design you go down here And you’re like okay i want to go with Something like this a little bit more Bold or i want to go with something

That’s more futuristic and minimal so I’m gonna go with something like this Right like a little bit more clean uh Maybe even corporate feeling to this one You can also go to pinterest type in Landing page design and you can go okay I want something like this okay so you Can start with the background image then Get the illustration the images the Icons and everything and slowly build it Out step by step by finding inspiration From other pages and you’re not copying Them you’re just looking at okay i’m Gonna use this section this section here With the laptop with the background Image behind it with the graphics that’s What i’m going to use for my demo Section from my you know video player Section where i’m going to illustrate my Offer and then obviously envato elements Is a really good one you can type in Landing page design scroll down and look At some of these designs and even Branding wise if you don’t want to find Inspiration for colors or fonts you can Do that here and say look i i really Like the blue and orange combination Here so i’m gonna go with those two you Don’t have to have the same exact code You can get again inspiration use the Tool get the code and then move around And be like i like this one and then Same thing with blue maybe i want to go A little bit more navy blue and guess

What That’s how i created this finding Inspiration moving around being like i Like this combination a lot and so i Created this funnel template which by The way it’s time to give away so you Can get this one for free link is below In the description it’ll take you to a Page where you just put your email so i Can send out this template to you as Well as send you new video trainings About funnels and all that and then you Can just one click install it on the Next page and install it into click Funnels and if you’re not using click Funnels but you still want to build this Funnel in another page builder i highly Recommend the full-time funnel designer Course because we show you how to build Funnels in any page builder in fact the Click funnels part is just 10 And then the rest is how do i create These beautiful designs in canva in Sketch Um how do i write copy and all these Other things and so like i said no Matter which one you’re using it will be Beneficial for you number seven the tip Of the day is if you don’t want to spend Time building funnels if you don’t want To spend time designing or become a Funnel builder then you can hire someone In a facebook group for example i have Hundreds of funnel designers who are

Happy to build funnel for you they go From 500 you know thousand up to 5 000 So there’s levels that you can find Whatever works for you if you don’t Again want to spend time alone you can Provide them with the offer and the Messaging three links to funnels that You like the most and then send them Great images and the brand book of what You like and you found online and it Will help them build an amazing funnel For you thanks so much for watching i’ll See you in the next one.

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